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Checking of leak detectors sensitivity

Certyfikacja wykrywaczy nieszczelności - wykonujemy kontrolę zgodności z przepisami f-gazowymi i wydajemy zaświadczenia

We’d like to inform, that Wigmors carry out the sensitivity tests for leak detectors, which are using to test installations filled with substances that deplete the ozone layer and F-gases. This requirement was introduced by the Act of May 15, 2015 on substances that deplete the ozone layer and on some fluorinated greenhouse gases.

According to the regulations, leak detector must be able to detect a leak of min. 5 grams a year. The sensivity checking of detectors must take place every 12 months.

After conducting the test, we issue a certificate of compliance with the requirements of EC Regulation No. 1516/2007 of 19 December 2007 establishing in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 842/2006 of the European Parliament standard requirements for leak testing of stationary refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and heat pumps containing some fluorinated greenhouse gases.

In order to carry out the inspection, please provide the detector to our headquarters, located in Wrocław, at ul. Irysowa 5. We provide quick research dates. The price of the service is PLN 120. (net). Welcome!

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