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Air curtains

The basic task of the air curtains is to create a protective barrier between rooms or zones with different temperatures. Air curtains should be installed in buildings with high traffic, in which doors or gates are often opened. When the air curtain is missing, every door (gate) opening causes a loss of warm or cool air. Energy losses are particularly high when there is a large difference between outside and inside temperature (this applies to both heated and air-conditioned rooms).

Air curtains are used throughout the year. In the summer they constitute an excellent barrier against warm air coming from the outside and protect against penetration of insects, dust and other pollutants into the room. In the winter, they provide excellent insulation against the entry of cold air from the outside, cooling the room, thus reducing heat loss and, consequently, energy.

Air curtains are ideal for use in stores, warehouse halls, sports facilities, department stores, stations, hotels, pharmacies, gas stations, clinics, restaurants and many other places.

Advantages of air curtains:

  • reducing heating or cooling costs
  • increasing the comfort of work
  • facilitating and saving time in logistics processes
  • protection against penetration of dust, insects, exhaust, etc.

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