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Refrigeration Automation (NH3)

Our offer includes Danfoss automation components for industrial refrigeration, in particular for ammonia installations, including::

  • shut-off and regulating valves (SVA, REG, SNV, QDV)
  • check valves and shut-off/check valves (SCA-X, CHV-X, SCA-SS / CHV-SS, KDC, FA, NRVA, NRVS)
  • thermostats, pressure switches (KP, RT, MP)
  • level regulators (HFI, SV, PFML / PFMH, AKS, LLG, RT)
  • electronic controllers (EKC)
  • safety valves (SFA, SFV, DSV, BSV, POV)
  • electromagnetic valves (EVRA (T), EVRS (T), ICLX, GPLX)
  • transducers and sensors (AKS, PT1000)
  • gas sensors (GD / DGS)
  • expansion valves (TEA, TEAT, AKVA)
  • pressure and temperature regulators (ICS, ICM / ICAD, ICMTS / ICAD PM, PMC, CVC, ORV, OFV, CVMD)
  • multifunctional valves (ICF)
  • filters and filter cartridges (FA, FIA, FIA-SS, DCR)

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