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We offer a large selection of refrigerants of Du Pont / Chemours and Honeywell, as well as other manufacturers.

In the constant sale we have all commonly used refrigerants, offered in cylinders with capacities from 5 to even 61 kg (depending on the type of refrigerant, usually 12.5 and 27 kg). Most of them are also available in tone tanks, and some (R-134a, R-407C, R-410A, R-404A, R-600A, R-290) also in small containers (up to 2 kg).

In constant sale we offer such refrigerants as:

R-134a R-404A R-407C R-407F R-410A R-507 R-417A
R-422D R-452A R-23  R-422A R-32  R-449A R-1234yf
R-454C R-455A R-290 R-600A R-600 R-170

On request, we are able to offer many other, less commonly used refrigerants.

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