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Clean-N-Safe – cleaner for evaporators and condensers (concentrate, 5l)

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Cleaning, brightening.


Evaporators, condensers.

Main advantages

  • removes dirt and deposits
  • safe for cleaned surfaces
  • acid-free, foaming
  • contains a corrosion inhibitor
  • concentrate (up to 25 l of the ready-to-use preparation form 1 bottle) and aerosol


Universal cleaner for evaporators and condensers in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Effectively removes dirt and deposits from tubes and fins of evaporators and condensers and brightens darkened surfaces.

It is safe to use, does not damage aluminum, copper or steel. Unlike strong acid cleaners, it does not corrode cleaned heat-exchanger parts, metal parts surrounding them, other installation components, roofing materials or other surfaces, as well as washer parts used to apply the agent. The corrosion inhibitor contained in the preparation also delays its development.

Thanks to the active foam, use is reduced to spraying the surface being cleaned. After a while, all you need to do is rinse the foam and dirt with water.

Unlike most other products, it is designed for not only low, but also high pressure washing. There is no need to take a break between rinsing and the next washing (if necessary), which reduces cleaning time. Depending on the strenght of contamination and the desired speed of operation, it can be used as a concentrate or in dilution – which ensures its economical use (details below).

Cleaning heat exchangers with Clean-N-Safe not only improves their aesthetics, but also restores their original, high efficiency, has a positive effect on trouble-free operation and extends the service life (and not only the exchanger itself but the entire system).


Clean-N-Safe is available in as concentrate, in a 5-liter bottle or in a ready-to-use aerosol. It is designed for both low- and high pressure washing. When cleaning evaporators, it doesn’t require rinsing, for condensers it is recommended (though not necessary) to rinse when used without dilution or at a dilution of 1: 1.

Dilution of Clean-N-Safe concentrate and the amount of ready-to-use preparation obtained:

Application Ratio The amount of ready-to-use agent
Heavily contaminated condensers without dilution or 1: 1 5 – 10 l
Medium to lightly contaminated condensers 1:2 or 1:3 15 – 20 l
Evaporators 1:3 or 1:4 20 – 25 l

Approvals, permits

PZH Certificate.

Available packages

Single package Collective packaging
Clean-N-Safe concentrate 5 l bottle 4 bottles
Clean-N-Safe aerosol 0,57 kg 12 pcs.

Please note – the documents attached below are in Polish only.


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