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Coil Disinfectant-Cleaner and disinfecting air conditioners (1l)

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Disinfectant, cleaning, refreshing air.


Evaporators for air conditioners and refrigeration equipment, drip trays, heat pumps, ventilation ducts, air filtration devices, all surfaces of stainless steel, plastics, metals, wood, ceramics and enameled surfaces. Can be used for food contact surfaces.

Main advantages

  • Triple operation and a wide range of applications
  • It destroys the most common microorganisms in air conditioning systems, including Legionella pneumophila bacteria
  • is authorised by the Minister for Health (registered biocidal products Register)


Coil Disinfectant is a one-step multipurpose, neutral pH, germicidal detergent and deodorant. Kills pathogenic bacteria and fungi. It destroys and inhibits the growth of moulds and associated odours. It prevents the formation of diseases, allergies and other ailments caused by contaminated microbes, and the pleasant aroma refreshes the air in the rooms.

Coil Disinfectant Europe is authorised by the Ministry of Health for biocidal products. It confirms the effectiveness of disinfectant (it is necessary to carry out appropriate microbiological examinations for its release). It has a broad spectrum of operations and is safe to use because it does not contain ingredients harmful to health.

Provides rapid and effective disinfection of the surface for Legionella pneumophila bacteria, staphylococcus Aureus (Staphylococcus golden), Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (baton of Blue), Escherichia Coli (colitis), Enterococcus Hirae ( Streptococcus fecal), and for the fungi Aspergillus Niger (Aspergillus oryzae Black) and Candida Albicans. These are also the most common microbes in air-conditioning systems, responsible for a wide variety of diseases and ailments, including the very dangerous “Legionnaires ‘ disease” and the so-called Syndrome of the sick building, manifested by pain and dizziness, fatigue, syncope, nausea and other ailments.

It is used not only in air-conditioning systems but almost on all equipment and surfaces, including walls or floors. Can be used for food contact surfaces. The broad spectrum of operations combined with almost limitless application possibilities make Coil Disinfectant ideal for m.in applications. In gastronomy, food processing plants and other manufacturing companies, in homes, offices, cars, kindergartens and crèches, hotels, training rooms, medical and dental offices, cloakrooms, Przebieralniach, cabins Showers and in many other places. It provides unmatched performance and its versatile and fast operation saves you time and effort.


Coil Disinfectant is available as ready-to-use liquid. The full germicidal effect is achieved after 15 minutes of application. After use, wipe the disinfected surfaces and the surfaces in contact with the food can also be rinsed with water.

Available packaging

Unit Bulk
5 L bottle 4 pcs.
1 litre bottle with atomizer 12 pcs.

Approvals, permits

  • PZH Certificate
  • The Health Minister’s permission to trade biocidal products