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Coil-Rite – evaporators and air-filters cleaner (concentrate 3.8l)

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Cleaning, degreasing.


Evaporators, air filters, condensers, air distribution devices, mechanical devices, metal surfaces.

Main advantages

  • perfectly removes greese, oils, residues and other dirt from heat exchangers
  • alcohol-based, acid-free, baseless
  • low foaming, perfect for indoor use
  • concentrate – up to 41.8 l of ready-to-use preparation


Coil-Rite is cleaner with degreaser for evaporators, air filters, condensers, air distribution devices, mechanical devices and all metal surfaces.

It effectively removes oils, greases, fats, residues and dust in just a few minutes – also from hard to reach places. Suitable for cleaning dirt typical for gastronomy. Can be used indoors.

Coil-Rite is an acid-free and base-free agent, does not cause corrosion, is safe for aluminum, copper, stainless steel and painted surfaces. It can be successfully used to clean metal coils, heat exchangers, metal or glass fiber filters, and other metal components on which acid agents cannot be used.

Using Coil-Rite allows you to restore the original efficiency of exchangers, while reducing power consumption and reducing the risk of failure of the entire system.

Coil-Rite concentrate can be diluted in various proportions – depending on how dirty the equipment is cleaned  – which ensures its economical use (details below).


The ready-to-use agent, obtained from the concentrate is intended for low- or high-pressure washing. It does not require rinsing when cleaning evaporators.

Dilution of Coil-Rite concentrate and the amount of ready-to-use preparation obtained:

Application Ratio The amount of ready-to-use agent
Cleaning of very dirty exchangers and devices 1:4 19 l
Cleaning all filters 1:5 22,8 l
Service cleaning 1:5 to 1:10 22,8 – 42,8 l

Available packages

Single package Collective packaging
Coil-Rite concentrate 3,8 l (1 gallon) bottle 4 bottles

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