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Cover for air-conditioners cleaning Rectorseal Desolv Cleaning Kit

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Effective cleaning and disinfection of split indoor units is often a challenge. And not even because of the difficulty of the operation itself, but because of the need to leave the entire evaporator environment unchanged. Especially if we’re going to use a pressure washer … And here comes the kit for the Rectorseal DesolvTM Cleaning Kit.

DesolvTM Cleaning Kit has been designed for use with indoor units of split air conditioners. It is the best method to clean evaporators quickly and safely, without worrying about flooding walls or other objects around the washed device.

DesolvTM Cleaning Kit is suitable for use with virtually all models of air conditioners and enables their thorough cleaning using pressure washers.

Patented solutions protect walls and other objects from damage, safely draining water with impurities into the bucket (thanks to the long sleeve of the bag also in the case of highly mounted devices). After finishing work, all the elements of the set need to be packed in a bucket (included) and conveniently transported to the next order. DesolvTM Cleaning Kit is simply a new comfort of work!

The set includes, among others 2 bags for removing contaminants as well as a bucket equipped with a closing lock and sealing to avoid accidental spilling of contents in the room.


  • Complete set: 2 bags with frame, frame with cables, mounting brackets, bucket, brush and other accessories
  • It prevents flooding of walls and objects surrounding the unit with water and / or cleaning agent
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Bag equipped with a 240 cm sleeve for removing impurities


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