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Liquid Descalit – descaling agent for heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

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Descaling and rust.


Refrigeration and heating installations; water heaters, cooling towers, valves, pumps, water condensers, heaters, drain systems, pipes, flow meters, all elements immersed in water.

Main features

  • strong action
  • contains a corrosion inhibitor, anti-limescale agent and anti-foaming agent
  • contains a colored activity indicator, indicating the current potency of the preparation
  • concentrate


Product dissolving limescale in water circuits of refrigeration and heating installations. Quickly and effectively removes scale deposits in cooling towers, water condensers, water heaters, heaters, drain systems, as well as on pipes, flow meters and any elements immersed in water.

It can be used in installations with varying levels of scale contamination. It protects against the occurrence of equipment failure due to the accumulation of too much scale or rust. It is also an important element of prevention against the growth of Legionella pneumophila, which is favored by the presence of rust and scale.

Contains patented corrosion inhibitors, anti-limescale agent and anti-foam agent. The use of the preparation significantly facilitates the so-called colored activity indicator. It allows you to determine the potency of the preparation (which is especially useful if you do not know the amount of water in the system) and also indicates the degree of its consumption on an ongoing basis. And so, the yellow color of the solution means strong action of the agent, the green color – its average activity, while the blue is a sign that either the preparation has stopped working or the solution is too weak and – to effectively protect the installation – more should be added.

Liquid Descalit can be safely used on copper, steel and rubber and plastic components. However, it should not be used in contact with aluminum, magnesium, nickel, chromium, galvanized sheet or galvanized metals.


Liquid Descalit is available as a concentrate. The method of use and the dilution proportions depend on the devices or installations to which the agent is to be applied.

Available packages

Single package Collective packaging
Bottle 3,8 l 4 bottles

Approvals, permits

PZH Certificate.

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