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Danfoss Lider mobile app

Aplikacja mobilna klubu Danfoss lider

Danfoss has just released the mobile app for Danfoss Lider Club.

The app is for download from Google Play and the app Store.

App Benefits:

  • Easy and fast registration of purchases – take a picture FV and send!
  • Check your VISA credit card and credit balance
  • Stay up to date with news – no promotion you won’t miss

By the way, we inform that currently there are two very interesting actions in the club:

  • Invite a friend and grab 100 on your VISA card – See details
  • Send your first invoice and grab a 30 PLN voucher – See details

Hotline for Danfoss Club leader: Tel.: 61 8250 785 E-mail: info@danfoss-lider.pl www.danfoss-lider.pl

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