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Coil Disinfectant for 99,00

Płyn do dezynfekcji klimatyzacji Coil Disinfectant - promocja

Take advantage of the promotion of Coil Disinfectant – intended for cleaning and adisinfection of evaporators (indoor units) of air conditioners and other cooling devices.

Now the 1 liter bottle is available for PLN 99,00 *

Coil Disinfectant:

  • cleans soiled surfaces
  • destroys bacteria (including Legionella pneumophilia), fungi and mold
  • removes the source of unpleasant odor, refreshing indoor air.

And moreover:

  • has the Minister of Health’s permit needed for biocidal products
  • has PZH approval
  • doesn’t require rinsing after using (except for surfaces in contact with food)
  • doesn’t require ventilation
  • it’s biodegradable

More information about the product on the product page.

* net price

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