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Glycols (antifreeze liquids)

We offer a large selection of glycols, used in cooling and air-conditioning systems, sprinkler, heating and solar installations, heat recovery systems, heat pumps and many other installations.

We offer glycols in -15, -20, -25 and -35 oC temperature versions (freezing points). As standard available in packaging of 20 l and 120 kg, and for larger orders also 200 and 1000 kg.

Our offer also includes a glycol concentrate for the preparation of anti-freezing agents, containing corrosion inhibitors, for the above-mentioned applications. Depending on the dilution of the concentrate, a liquid with the desired crystallization temperature is obtained.

We are an authorized distributor of Boryszew S.A. – producer of ethylene glycol Ergolid A and propylene glycol Ergolid EKO.

Ergolid A & EKO are non-freezing aqueous solutions of propylene glycol (Ergolid EKO) or ethylene glycol (Ergolid A). Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, they protect the installation against corrosion, deposit formation and prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for microbial corrosion. These features allow you to maintain unchanged thermal efficiency and significantly extend the trouble-free operation of the system.

Ergolid EKO, thanks to the use of non-toxic propylene glycol, poses no threat to life and the environment. Ergolide A, containing ethylene glycol, is a harmful agent, however, its use in normal operating conditions does not pose a health risk to the users of the installation. In order to minimize the likelihood of its accidental ingestion, it is contaminated with a non-toxic substance with a very bitter taste.

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