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Our commercial offer includes thousands of products from refrigeration and air conditioning range – from small accessories to complete installations. In order to learn more details of the offer, please click on the selected thumbnail below, or the name of the product group from the menu on the left. You can also find a detailed description of individual products in our online store (also in english for most products).

Please keep in mind that due to the very large number of products in our offer, we are unable to provide descriptions of all products on the site. Therefore, if you cant’t find the product you are looking for, please contact us.

The main part of our offer is the refrigeration and air conditioning products. However, some of the them are also used in other industries – such as glycols, measuring instruments, some service tools, selected cleaning and disinfecting products and others. We have the status of an Authorized Distribution Center for Danfoss industrial automation components, offering products that are widely used in various types of industrial installations. We are also a representative in Poland of CEME – the largest Italian manufacturer of valves and electromagnetic pumps for all installations and devices, as well as Fieldpiece and Extech Instruments companies – manufacturers of measuring tools for various – not refrigeration only – applications.

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