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Mighty Bracket – mounting bracket for split type air-conditioners

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The Mighty bracket is a unique bracket for easy installation of the split air conditioner units. Allows one person to perform work.

The bracket is suspended on the air conditioner’s mounting plate. You can then safely place the internal unit on it, during the connection of condensate pipes and cables and electrical connections.

The mighty Bracket was made with care not to damage or scratch both the air conditioner and the wall. Retracteding from the bracket or scratching the air conditioner prevents the rubber surface of the arm and its folding, protective tip with an extra cloth cover. A adjustable rubberized “foot” ensures the stability of the bracket during installation and prevents scratching of the wall. You can also adjust the slope between the two arms of the bracket (4 settings).

Mighty Bracket is suitable for use with air conditioners of most manufacturers.

It is made of high-quality, durable plastic. It has a payload of 45 kg.

Manufacturer: Rectorseal (USA)

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