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Industrial Automation

The scope of our offer goes beyond products from the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. We have the status of Authorized Distribution Center of Danfoss industrial automation components and we offer products that are widely used in all kinds of industrial installations, such as:

  • solenoid valves and coils for valves
  • thermostatic valves
  • electronic and differential pressure switches
  • thermostats
  • pressure and temperature transducers
  • temperature sensors
  • switchgear (contactors, thermal relays, motor circuit breakers, electronic softstarters, time relays and others).

Danfoss valves and pressure transmitters have PZH certificates for drinking water.

We are also a representative in Poland of CEME – the largest Italian manufacturer of valves and electromagnetic pumps. We offer a full range of CEME products, applicable in all types of installations where the medium is water, steam, air, gases (including combustible), heavy and light oils, diesel oils, kerosene and others. CEME solenoid valves are used even in such specific systems as rainwater recovery machines, dental chairs, automatic showers, drinking water supply systems for animals, car horns, beverage bottling systems, washing vacuum cleaners, boat toilets and many more.

In the field of industrial automation, we also offer Fluid-O-Tech vane pumps.



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