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Temperature monitoring system with the Danfoss Prosa Link IoT application

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Danfoss Prosa Link IoT is a unique system for monitoring temperature in refrigeration equipment. Composed of an application and a set of accessories for collecting data and sending it to the cloud. Data can be read in an application for a smartphone/tablet (Android or iOS) or on a computer (via a web browser).

The system allows you to view data in real time, automatically records data and sends notifications, e.g. if the temperature is exceeded, a failure occurs, the chamber door is ajar or a person is locked in the cold chamber.

The ProsaLink app together with the PR-SC4 telemetry device is the ideal solution for automatically recording temperature and HACCP data. The user can easily and quickly generate a HACCP report in Excel spreadsheet format.

The Prosa Link system supports up to 4 measurement points as standard.

System monitoringu temperatury z aplikacją Danfoss Prosa Link

Temperature data read directly from temperature sensors connected to ProsaLink is sent to the server via the built-in communication module. Data transmission takes place using GSM technology, but does not require a SIM card. The ProsaLink device uses the coverage of many cellular networks and selects the network with the strongest signal at a given time for transmission. The equipment includes a high-power antenna, which in special cases can be replaced with an even more powerful external antenna. Thanks to this, the device is ready for operation immediately after switching on and works even in places where making a telephone call is impossible.


The kit includes everything you need to monitor your refrigeration equipment: PR-SC4 Direct monitoring device, protection box, door contacts and temperature sensors, and antenna.

ATTENTION. Using the Prosa Link application – after the free trial period – requires a subscription fee. You will be asked to subscribe to the monitoring service. Payments will be recurring unless your subscription is canceled.


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