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Foam-A-Coil – condensers and evaporators cleaner (concentrate 3.8l)

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Cleaning, degreasing.


  • condensers
  • evaporators
  • air filters
  • mechanical devices
  • air distribution devices
  • metal surfaces

Main advantages

  • perfectly removes grease, oils, tar, dirt and dust
  • acid free, high foaming
  • concentrate (up to 41.8 l of ready-to-use preparation from 1 bottle)


Foam-A-Coil is an acid free, high foaming cleaner for condensers, evaporators, air distribution devices, mechanical devices and air filters.

Strong, surface-active foam penetrates the cleaned surfaces, dissolves and loosens grease, oils, tar, dirt and dust. In just a few minutes, it pushes them out of even the most inaccessible spaces, allowing you to flush all contamination with water. Suitable for cleaning dirt typical for gastronomy.

Acid free, non-corrosive, safe for aluminum, copper, stainless steel and painted surfaces. Foam-A-Coil can be successfully used to clean metal batteries, heat exchangers, metal or glass fiber filters, and other metal components on which acid agents cannot be used.

The cleaned surfaces of the exchangers help to maintain the system at the required level of efficiency, which has a positive effect on its trouble-free operation and total lifetime.

Foam-A-Coil concentrate can be diluted in various proportions (depending on the degree of soiling of the devices to be cleaned) which ensures its economical use (details below). For cleaning small appliances – refrigerators, split air conditioners, ice cream machines, etc. – we recommend Foam-A-Coil spray.

Approvals, permits

PZH Certificate.


The ready-to-use agent, obtained from the concentrate is intended for low- or high-pressure washing.

Dilution of Foam-A-Coil concentrate and the amount of ready-to-use preparation obtained:

Application Ratio The amount of ready-to-use agent
Heavy soiling 1:4 – 1:5 19 – 22,8 l
Service cleaning 1:6 – 1:10 26,6 – 41,8 l

Available packages

Single package Collective packaging
Foam-A-Coil concentrate 3,8 l (1 gallon) bottle 4 bottles
Foam-A-Coil spray 0,35 l 12 pcs

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