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Chemical Products

We offer all kinds of chemicals, used in refrigeration and air conditioning industry, including:

  • cleaners and disinfectants for air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment
  • UV dyes
  • acidification detectors, acid neutralizers in refrigeration oils
  • smoke products for testing the air flow or testing the tightness of ducts, pipelines etc.
  • chemical leak detectors
  • micro-leaks sealants
  • glues, pipe and thread sealants, kits
  • solders, soldering pastes, heat absorbing pastes
  • silica gel
  • and other

We are the only representative in Poland:

  • Rectorseal Corporation – an American manufacturer of a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting agents, air-refreshing agents, water purifiers, oil preparations, leak detectors and other
  • Björnax – a leading manufacturer of smoke products for professional use
  • Mastercool – manufacturer of service tools, including UV dyes and oils for refrigeration pumps and compressors

We also offer products of such companies as La-Co Industries, CPS Products, Wigam, Klimax System, Cliplight, L’Isolante K-Flex, Stella and others.


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