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Renewz – very strong condensers cleaner (3.8 l)

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  • cleaning
  • degreasing
  • brightening darkened surfaces


  • condensers
  • electronic air filters

Main advantages

  • acid-free, foaming, very strong effect
  • perfectly removes deposits of kitchen grease and other dirt from heat exchangers – ideal for gastronomy
  • removes tobacco deposits from air filters
  • contains a corrosion inhibitor
  • concentrate (allows up to 38 l of ready-to-use preparation form 1 bottle)


Very strony, foaming, acid free, condenser cleaner with a brightener. It can also be used to clean electronic air filters.

Primarily intended for removing hard-to-clean kitchen grease deposits from condensers and tobacco deposits from air filters. For this reason, it is ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants and other places where this type of pollution occurs.

Strongly acting, surface-active foam penetrates the cleaned surfaces, dissolves and loosens compacted grease, dirt and oxides, pushes them out from between the fins and allows the entire contamination to be washed away with water. In five minutes it leaves metal surfaces completely clean, bright and shiny, and thoroughly cleaned of a heat insulating layer – which has a positive effect on the performance of devices, their trouble-free operation and durability.

Renewz concentrate can be diluted in various proportions – depending on how dirty the equipment is cleaned – which ensures its economical use (details below).

Does not damage copper, aluminum or stainless steel. Contains corrosion inhibitor.


Renewz is available as a concentrate. The ready-to-use agent, obtained from the concentrate is intended for low-pressure washing. Requires rinsing after approx. 5 minutes.

Dilution of Renewz concentrate and the amount of ready-to-use preparation obtained:

Application Ratio The amount of ready-to-use agent
Cleaning and brightening heavily soiled and greasy surfaces 1:3 15,2 l
Cleaning and light brightening light to medium soiled surfaces, removing oxides 1:6 26,6 l
Cleaning lightly soiled surfaces without brightening 1:9 38 l

Approvals, permits

PZH Certificate.

Available packages

Single package Collective packaging
Renewz concentrate 3,8 l (1 gallon) bottle 4 bottles

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